Celebrate the Wonders of Bamboo at The Texas Bamboo Festival

The 18th Annual Texas Bamboo Festival was held in a new area called the the Oak Grove (see map)  at  Zilker Botanical Garden, Austin, TX on Saturday and Sunday, August 28 - 29, 2010.

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Saturday, 12 noon, August 28, 2010 - Texas Dragon/Lion Dance Team
Matthew English, Bamboo Artisan
Matthew English, Bamboo Artisan

Bamboo Festival Presenters (times to be announced)

Matthew English is a Permaculture designer, ecological educator, and bamboo artisan. Matthew has been working with growing and crafting bamboo since 1998. He has studied with Adam and Sue Turtle of the Bamboo Institute TN, and with bamboo artisans in China. He has been involved in workshops ranging from Japanese bamboo baskets, bamboo construction, identification and propagation, and bamboo furniture crafting. Matthew and his wife Jennifer live at their sustainable research farm Solar Springs, located in Lewis County TN. Through Solar Springs Matthew provides private workshops, local demonstrations, and crafts a variety of bamboo and wood furniture, trellises and spoons.

Read more about Matthew English and The Center for Holistic Ecology

Learn How to Make Bamboo Flutes - Mike Jones

Mike Jones makes several different styles of flutes: Japanese shakuhachi, Native American plains style, Anasazi style, Papago style, Hopi style, South American Andes quena, ocarinas, conventional transverse; a few percussion instruments. - Discussion and Demonstrations

Mike Jones, Bamboo Flutemaker
Mike Jones, Bamboo Flutemaker
Mike Jones Playing Bamboo Flute
Mike Jones Playing Bamboo Flute

Bamboo Arrows made by Jack Farrell
Bamboo Arrows made by Jack Farrell
Exhibitor: Jack Farrell - Bamboo Bow and Arrow Maker
Bamboo Arrows made by Jack Farrell
Bamboo arrows made by Jack Farrell

Additional Presentations & Events
David Glover - "Bamboo - The Plant"
Carole Meckes - "Beginning With Bamboo - Bamboo Brains..."
Annual Meeting of the Texas Bamboo Society
Silent and Live Auction

Varner Creek Nursery - Clumping Bamboo, Citrus & Fruit Trees, Bromeliads email
Duckie and the Grackle - Bamboo & Bird Original Art and Brush Painting
Bamboo Branch - Bamboo Beads & Jewelry - Bamboo Poles, Parts and Pieces, Argentine Musical Instruments by Angel Sampedro del Rio
Bamboozle - Handcrafted Bamboo & Bone Jewelry & The Earspear
Good Medicine Flutes - Native American Flutes by Patricia Partridge
Bamboo Crew - Bamboo countertops and cabinetry
Bamboo Bend - Bamboo Plants
Simmons Family Farm - Bamboo Plants
Tejas Tropicals - Bamboo, Gingers, Heliconia, Colocasia, Banana, Agave, Cycad, & Palms
Harjo Flutes - Native American Flutes

Things to bring with you to the 18th Annual Texas Bamboo Festival:
The festival will be held outside this year in a new area called the Oak Grove, so dress accordingly so that you will be comfortable. We will have fans blowing to help to keep us cool. If convenient, bring a lawn chair with you as we will have some seating available but do not expect to have enough seating available for everyone. We will have bottled water available - but you are welcome to bring your own bottled beverages. (Food is not permitted in the Botanical Garden.) Extra parking on Stratford Drive will be available after 11 am on Saturday.

Bamboo Easel Contest
Win a 12 month membership in the American Bamboo Society Bamboo Easel Contest Details

The 18th Annual Texas Bamboo Festival is the annual fund raiser for the Texas Bamboo Society Chapter of the American Bamboo Society, a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization. Proceeds are used to provide research, information, education, assistance to public bamboo gardens, support for bamboo artists, and to bring new varieties to the multi-state region represented by the Texas Bamboo Society.

The 18th Annual Texas Bamboo Festival is sponsored by the
Texas Bamboo Society

Thanks to our Additional Special Sponsor:
Jim Ellinger - Austin Airwaves

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