21st Annual Texas Bamboo Festival
Saturday and Sunday, September 14-15, 2013
Plants & Crafts for Sale * Talk to Experts & Local Growers * Silent Auction

Zilker Botanical Garden, Austin, Texas

Hours: Saturday 10-6 & Sunday 10-5
Admission to the 21st Annual Texas Bamboo Festival is Free

Zilker Botanical Garden Admission:
$1 Seniors (age 62+) – $2 Adults – $1 Children (3-12)

Featured Exhibits:

Featured Vendors

  • RM-Collectibles.com - Hand-Made Bamboo Crafts from Mt. Fuji, Japan

  • Simmons Family Farms - Bamboo Plants

  • Margie Krebs-Jesperson - Ponds, Plants, Patios, ...Place - Bamboo crafts, windchimes & recycled items

  • Bamboo Branch - Bamboo Beads & hand crafted bamboo jewelry, plus bamboo poles, parts & pieces

  • BambooYourPrivacy - Bamboo Plants

  • Twin Creek Studio - Laura Sturtz - Bamboo Jewelry, Bamboo Mobiles, Bamboo Chess Set

  • Bamboo Etc- Rick & Dana Patterson - Bamboo lamps, vases, birdhouses, trellises, etc.

  • Bamboo Bend - Bamboo Plants

  • This year we will have 2,365 sq feet available for Vendors & Exhibitors. This will be indoor air conditioned space as the festival coordinators have decided to place the talks in the smaller Greeen Room. This will allow vendors to conduct uninterrupted business while the talks & presentations are going on.

Guest Lectures & Time Schedule

  • Scott Shaffer - The Rainwater Harvest School - "The "Dollars and Cents of Building Your Own Rainwater Harvesting System + Important Update on the Rainwater Quality"

  • Steve Muzos, Bamboo Bend Aspects of Clumping Bamboos

  • Carole Meckes - Harvesting Bamboo Poles, Grove Maintenance & Tools

  • Christian Seger - Goats & Bamboo - Growing Bamboo for Forage

  • Jinji Willingham - Bamboo Wisdom: Esthetic, Horticultural, Contemplative - basic horticultural (growth habits, species selection for application, care), esthetic and practical application and usage, and concluding with a consideration of what this plant has to teach us, a reflection on the wonder and wisdom (healing potential) of the plant: why it has the draw that it does, what it means to us humans.

  • Harry Simmons - Tropical Bamboos of Southeast Asia

  • Jay & Cassie LaCourse - Bamboo Charcoal Production and Applications - hotbambu.com

Silent Auction

Silent Auction Donation from Cabot Creamery
Silent Auction Donation from Cabot Creamery

The Texas Bamboo Festival is the annual fund raiser for the Texas Bamboo Society Chapter of the American Bamboo Society, a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization. Proceeds are used to provide research, information, education, assistance to public bamboo gardens, support for bamboo artists, and to bring new varieties to the multi-state region represented by the Texas Bamboo Society.

Check back because the list of vendors, lectures and exhibitors is growing....

Call 512-929-9565 or send email if you have any questions