The 20th Annual Texas Bamboo Festival was combined with the National Meeting of the American Bamboo Society and was held on September 28 and 29, 2012 at the Wyndham Garden Hotel, 3401 South IH 35, Austin, Texas.

Schedule of Presentations and Lectures
Speakers & Presenters:

  • Clinton D. McDowell C - My Mexican Adventure & it's quite alive & ongoing - Roaming in the halls of the Smithsonian with David Farrelly, building tree houses & curing bambu, current & far distant adventures in boo...
  • Steve Muzos -Bamboo Research Using Herbariums and Online Resources
  • Darwin Nelson -History of Bamboo in Texas
  • Jack Farrell - Bamboo Bow and Arrow Making
  • James Clever - ABS President - Temperate Bamboos - Plants for Every Season
  • Daphne Lewis - Harvesting Bamboo Shoots the Past 2 years in the SE, (she is still collecting data for this year)
  • Gib Cooper - Summit Park: Panama Bamboo Education, Restoration and Conservation. The Chiapas Bamboo Diversity, Conservation and uses - Plus An Overview of BOTA's American Native Bamboo Collection
  • Nick Parker - Water, Food, and Fiber in the Third Industrial Revolution
  • Cliff Sussman- Bamboo Propagation
  • Jorge Lezcano, Guide for the BOTA 2013 Bamboo Eco-tour to Panama - Collecting Bamboo in the Field
We are sorry to say that David Farrelly, Author of the Book of Bamboo - was not be able to attend the conference as originally planned - his words: "so i just accept that i can't do something i did want to..."
  • David Farrelly , Author of The Book of Bamboo - 500 Footnotes. A selection of entries...etc.