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Bamboo as an Element Workshop - Sept 24-25, 2011 - Austin, TX

Saturday September 24, 2011 - 10:30 am - Presentation by Charissa Brock on Her Work With Bamboo

Zilker Botanical Garden, Austin, TX
Bamboo as an Element - Sat and Sunday (noon - 5 pm) Sept. 24-25, 2011 - registration required.
Instructor: Charissa Brock


Bamboo is a remarkably versatile art material. It’s repetition of nodes, its hollow structure, and its flexibility creates an inspirational challenge to the individual who wants to work with it.  Because of its structure, it can be used an infinite number of ways. Students will be guided through the making of a bamboo and paper vessel, which can stand alone or be turned into a hanging lamp.


In class we will discuss bamboo anatomy and varieties, talking about the types of bamboo that Charissa Brock has discovered to be best to work with. Bamboo gathering, preparation and drying will be covered.  Several skills will be introduced to the group within the project, allowing students to create an object and learn the tools and skills to complete the project. In the Slide Lecture Charissa will discuss her own work, the development of it, and the inspiration for it. The Slide Lecture is open to the public and is scheduled for 10:30 am on Saturday, September 24, 2011.

Charissa Brock has been a studio artist for the past 16 years, and has spent the last decade working closely with bamboo. She received an MFA in fiber arts from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. Her work can be seen at Pucini Lubel Gallery in Seattle, Snyderman/The Works in Philadelphia, and the Museum of Contemporary Crafts, in Portland, Oregon. Charissa’s work is included in the Arizona State University Museum and the Lieberman Collection. She is the coordinator for the American Bamboo Society Arts and Crafts awards, which awards artists for their innovative use of bamboo as an art material.

The workshop is limited to 12 students.

Student supplies to bring the following supplies to workshop:

Please contact us if you are not able to bring all these supplies with you so that the instructor can bring extra with her.

Small bottle Elmer’s glue

Small bottle wood glue (no more than 4 oz)

Masking Tape

Towels or rags

Heat gun


Fine toothed Saw

Extension cords

Water containers


Exacto knife

Fine line Sharpie marker


Safety glasses


Tape measure-for fabric


Cutting surface to protect table

paint brushes-1/4” and ¾”

Paper for note taking


Pictures of your own work, and anything else you might want to share

Protective gloves, leather or rubber covered cloth - very important!

Registration Information

The class, Bamboo as an Element, taught by Charissa Brock, will be limited to 12 students. The time frame for the class is two five hour sessions and will start at noon each day and continue to 5 pm. You will learn a lot of tips and techniques of working with bamboo by taking this class. It is a great opportunity. Registration fee of $60 includes both days and supplies. Students should bring with them the supplies listed above. The fee is a bargain as Charissa usually receives a lot more for her classes and this fee is being subsidized by the Texas Bamboo Society. To assure your place in her class, please register early, first come, first served. Please include your phone # and email address with your registration information. The workshop will be held in the Greene Room at Zilker Botanical Garden, Austin, TX.

Questions? send email

Please make your registration fee payable to the Texas Bamboo Society.
Mail your registration check to: Carole Meckes, 6707 Willamette Drive, Austin, TX 78723