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Lynn Luukinen - Textile Exhibition at Texas Bamboo Festival
September 24-25, 2011 - Zilker Botanical Garden, Austin, TX
Saturday 10 am - 6 pm, Sunday 10 am - 5pm - Free Admission

Meet the artist on Sunday, September 25, 2011
Bamboo Motif on Silk
Bamboo Motif on Silk

The Guardians


45” x 96” (3 panels)

Silk - dyed, discharged, resisted, over-dyed, needle felt and stitching

As an emerging artist, I create fiber art to explore, experiment and problem-solve in order to produce a result. It energizes me, provides me with a sense of pride and brings fresh delight into my life -- and yes, frustration as well -- as I study, learn, struggle, and eventually feel a hint of success. I hope to use the acquired techniques and eventual competency of the tools to connect with other people on an individual as well as a community basis as the mysteries of my creative inner world surface and transform.

I began working with silk because I love the feel of the cloth, the strength found within the apparent fragility of the fiber and the way it thirsts for and absorbs color. At this point in my development as a fiber artist, there is not one technique or process that I would call ‘mine’. I have not found my voice. However, I have found a word that inspires and guides me. The word is ‘path’.

The word ‘path’ can evoke images that are literal (as in stepping stones), directional (path of a hurricane) or course of action (path to higher education). Currently, I am drawing upon my experiences from a trip to Kyoto Japan and the visual and emotional connection I had to the gardens, bamboo forests and the Japanese sense of balance between ease and tension with a sprinkle of the unexpected. I am inspired to create fiber art that has the characteristics of a literal path through a Japanese garden … light that reverberates, layers of color and texture and different visual experiences dependent upon whether viewed coming or going.

As I move forward I hope to hold onto the “beginners mind” as I add richness (authenticity) and depth (truth) to my art both as a visual and emotional expression. “The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” This is my path and this is my first step.


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Lynn Luukinen began her fiber art studies in 2005. Since then, she has enrolled in a variety of fiber classes/workshops/textile tours in a myriad disciplines to broaden her skills and appreciation for surface design. Most recently she completed Jane Dunnewold’s Art Cloth Mastery Program. Lynn is an emerging artist primarily interested in fiber art techniques that incorporate silk, wool and wood fiber with wax, fiber-reactive dyes, and discharge agents. She is the Secretary of the Surface Design Association, a Representative for the Texas Federation of Fiber Artists and is also a member of several other professional affiliations. During the spring of 2010, Lynn left her long-time residence in the Seattle area for Kerrville, Texas where she now resides.